Motivate and reward people
in ways that actually
make a difference

Stop trying to guess what motivates people. Worklyfe uncovers that for you and aligns your business with people’s intrinsic motivators to drive performance.


Tap into what really motivates people to do their best work by enabling them to live their best lives.


Create connection among employees and build loyalty by supporting people in what truly matters to them.


Cultivate happier people by helping them set and achieve goals that are proven to increase happiness.

For Sales Leaders

Let’s be honest… sales reps don’t get inspired by gift cards, gadgets, and swag. And you’re probably tired of having to dream up something new and exciting for every spiff, then cobbling together vendors to make it happen.

Intrinsically motivate reps without the hassle of procurement or reimbursements

Empower reps to choose their own motivation, and tap into that with every sales incentive you run.

For People Leaders

Companies are blowing $200 billion per year administering packages that are underutilized, and people’s individual needs are still unmet.

Reduce spend and eliminate busywork

Bring all your entitlement and recognition programs under one roof, and center them around people’s intrinsic motivators while saving time and money.


People-Centered Performance Improvement

Employees who feel their rewards meet their needs are seven times more likely to be engaged with work, and they bring an added measure of commitment and motivation to the job.


Inspire people to uncover their personal passions, goals, and dreams.


Get buy-in and create alignment by linking individual goals with company objectives.


Intrinsically motivate employees to achieve at work by contributing toward their unique path to happiness.

Worklyfe is the easiest way to motivate and reward people. Period.

It’s never been harder to incentivize and retain your employees

Meet people where they’re at

Get rid of gift cards, point systems, and other impersonal incentives. Empower people to determine their own motivators, and get better business results by rewarding people in ways that are truly meaningful to them.