Motivation starts with employee happiness.

We’re on a mission to help people define and solve their Personal Happiness Equation. 

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Want to open up real conversations around your team’s personal motivators? We’re offering facilitated Inspiration Workshops to guide teams through the discovery of their personal goals, ambitions, and dreams. It’s rooted in our ‘F.E.E.L. Happier’ framework, guiding participants through the concepts of Freedom, Experiences, Energy, and Love. 

These 1-hour virtual workshops leave your team inspired, connected, and eager to view their role in a new light.

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Worklyfe started from a simple nudge, “Why haven’t you done that yet?”

Worklyfe enables you to contribute Sacred Money toward your employees' aspirations and dreams... without increasing budgets.

What is “sacred money”? It’s money that you mentally place into a separate bucket from the money that disappears into your paycheck. It’s not your salary or commissions. It’s money that feels special and important. And it’s the money that will ultimately help you achieve your biggest ambitions, goals, and dreams.

At Worklyfe, we help companies fund incentive programs like anniversary awards, sales incentives & Spiffs, peer-to-peer and traditional matching programs with sacred money. These funds go directly to fulfilling your employees’ personal goals that they’ve identified through our Inspiration Engine. And as employees make progress, they become more motivated and proactively seek new ways to impact your business.

Happy employees are more productive and save companies billions.

Happiness is a precursor to motivation. It may seem soft and squishy, but it’s directly linked to metrics your care about – performance and productivity. Unhappiness and stress at work cost the U.S. $300B annually in lost productivity. But guess what? It’s in your hands to change.

Happiness begins with meeting basic psychological safety needs like shelter, food, and health. From there, it’s about building towards connection, love, and actualization of your best self. Worklfye empowers companies to invest toward their employees’ Personal Happiness Equation – the sum of their bucket list goals, ambitions, and dreams – made into reality. And those happy employees will in return, bring their best selves to work.

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