Personalized employee incentives at scale.

Worklyfe aligns your company objectives with your employees’ intrinsic motivators. It’s a win-win.

Worklyfe Explore Our Why

Worklyfe’s platform will help people-first companies & their people:


Inspire people to uncover and define their life passions, goals, and dreams.


Re-establish trust and create transparency by linking individual goals with company objectives.


Intrinsically motivate people to achieve at work by contributing toward their unique path to happiness.

Explore your Personal Happiness Equation.

Our Inspiration Engine guides employees through self-discovery exercises to surface their life goals, passions and dreams. These aspirations are the foundation of what is intrinsically motivating to each employee and are captured in the platform. We call this their “Personal Happiness Equation.”

Visualize (and celebrate) progress.

Companies create incentive, recognition, and fringe benefit programs to create pathways for employees to accrue funds in their Worklyfe Balance account.

Employees can now keep important incentive programs and initiatives top of mind to get further faster toward their meaningful goals.

Surface meaningful moments

Integrate Worklyfe with Slack or Microsoft teams to connect and motivate teams. Easily and automagically push out notifications as new personal goals are created and encourage positive interactions across teammates and managers when goals are completed.

Hands-off incentive fulfillment

No more guessing or curating necessary. With their Worklyfe Balance account and banking card, employees can access their funds to make their moments come to life. Cut out countless hours of reimbursements and expense tracking.

Automation and support
at your fingertips

We’ll streamline your life with features like HRIS and Payroll integrations, automated payroll accounting, self-serve matching enrollment, budget allocations, approval flows, and a suite of other helpful workflow supports. We also offer 5-star support if you ever need 1-on-1 help along the way.

Worklyfe Balance Platform

We’ve integrated with 130+ Payroll and HRIS systems to make program setup a breeze.

The inspiration platform trusted by Sales and People leaders.

Maile Keone CEO

“Worklyfe has the power to drive results for businesses while improving happiness for employees unlike anything I’ve seen as a CEO.”

Scott Leese's Headshot
Scott Leese 6X Sales Leader, Advisor & Author

“The key to retaining top sales talent relies on tapping into their intrinsic drive. Offering incentives that align with their personal goals keeps them motivated and ultimately helps the sales org succeed.”

John Renfro's Headshot
John Renfro 5X CHRO (Disney, Capital Group)

“Worklyfe has created a modern approach to driving results in the future of work. Employee-centered, personalized to the individual, and customized to connect and deeply motivate teams.”

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Streamline your engagement programs into one simplified incentives platform.

For People Teams

Matching programs
Milestone programs
Anniversary awards
Birthday gifts
Referral incentives
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) programs
Spot rewards
Wellness stipends

For Sales Teams

Sales incentives & SPIFFs          Sales contests 

Sales recognition
SKO gifts

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