Everything you need to motivate and reward great performance

No more gimmicky spiffs or confusing point systems. Just build all your programs around what people actually care about.

For Employees

Worklyfe helps people surface and share their personal motivators, then empowers them to pursue their dreams and passions through company-sponsored programs and rewards.

Worklyfe Balance

Employees open a Worklyfe Balance: a special account to store “sacred money” for their life goals. This balance grows from company incentives and programs, as well as their own contributions.


Positive Psychology

We use positive psychology to guide people through a process of uncovering what inspires and motivates them, so that both employees and companies can accomplish what they want.


Personal Summit

Employees can set a personal summit, track their progress, and see how incentives and milestones can help them reach their goal. This helps create a direct link between personal pursuits and company objectives resulting in better alignment.


Company Feed

People’s goals and key moments are surfaced in a company feed where employees can encourage and support each other to achieve.

For Leaders

Leaders have a host of tools to help them build their programs around people’s intrinsic motivators, all while saving time and money.


Track and payout incentives through Worklyfe to tie them to intrinsic motivators and drive performance.

Birthday Awards

Automate the payment of birthday awards into people’s Worklyfe Balances so they feel appreciated.

Tenure Awards

Setup automated tenure awards, and let people attach their personal goals to key employment milestones.


Peer Recognition

Let employees show appreciation and call out great work with cash toward each other’s dreams and passions.

Spiffs & Spot Rewards

Grant spot rewards and run spiffs through Worklyfe to support people in what’s important to them.

HRIS Integrations

Connect your HR and payroll systems to automate account provisioning and payroll adjustments for rewards.

Eligibility Filters

Limit program eligibility based on tenure, title, department, and other key attributes.


Export everything you need to complete manual workflows or analyze activity in Worklyfe.


Create and enforce budget constraints for different departments and program types to control spend.

The path to happier, more motivated employees starts here

People are tired of one-size-fits-all attempts to motivate them. Empower your employees to chart their own path, then support them in ways that are personally meaningful and motivating.